Floral Sustainability

Floral sustainability, sounds like an oxymoron since fresh flowers are expensive and they unfortunately die. Until recently, it has been the norm to use fresh flowers for weddings. Some may use silks and do their wedding diy however, if you want that Pinterest worthy look and feel for your wedding, most prefer fresh and to use a florist with the bride's vision in mind.

What I have noticed lately now that I've moved out of the Silicon Valley to the Pittsburgh, PA area is that more brides are looking for a less expensive option while still having that Pinterest worthy look. They are tired of paying a high cost only to throw the flowers away after the wedding. They also come from a generation that is into saving the environment and sustainability. Less waste and more reusability.

That's where Bella Floral Studio comes in. What we are now offering brides is a way to save money by renting their custom made centerpieces rather than buying them. They are made of top-of-the-line silks, carefully and creatively arranged in compotes or vases with a garden romantic feel. I'm not talking about silks you can buy at the dollar store or Walmart, these are purchased from silk manufacturers and wholesalers and the flowers are made to look very real. We can even enhance the bouquets with essential oils so that they have a floral scent.

It has been our experience that centerpieces are the most expensive part of any floral budget. A fresh centerpiece in a beautiful compote with a garden feel can average $100 a piece. An order of 20 centerpieces can run easily $2,000 and up. And that doesn't count the personal or ceremony flowers. With rental centerpieces, the cost can be reduced by up to 50% depending on the flowers used in the arrangements.

Currently, we are offering rental centerpieces to brides in the South Western PA area but depending on the demand, we may be able to ship them all over the country.

Let us know your thoughts on this idea. Email us at daynamusto@bellaflorals.com and we can work with you on your budget and your flower vision. The utmost thought and creativity goes into each wedding arrangement. We would love your feedback.


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