Made with Love and Permanent Botanicals

Recently, Peggy, a good friend of mine talked me into working with permanent botanicals otherwise known as silks. I haven't had much experience with them and haven't been too convinced that the market would want them. Peggy showed me on Etsy how florists are creating wedding arrangements and selling them. I decided to give it a try.

This is one of my first cascade bridal bouquets with peonies, garden roses, and lots of greenery. Silk flower bouquets are great especially if the bride wants to keep her bouquet or share it with another soon-to-be bride. It is about as costly as a fresh bouquet and can sometimes be cheaper - especially if a favorite flower like a Peony is out of season. It is environmentally friendly to use silks and they can be repurposed into a centerpiece after the wedding is over. It might even become a trend as I'm finding some brides who hate fresh flowers because of their short life and waste. I found some Etsy sellers do the entire wedding, centerpieces and all, in silk.

I found that searching for the right flowers is a treasure hunt. I looked in Michael's, JoAnne's, A Floral, and Mt. Eden and found they all have different flowers. The best deal is when Michael's has their 50 percent off sale with a 20 percent off entire purchase coupon. It is like hitting the lottery. However, if you are not careful, you'll end up with a house or apartment, in my case, full of silks. I'm afraid it has become an addiction. You can see the flower bouquets here on my site and from there, the link for each picture takes you to Peggy's Etsy store where you can purchase the bouquets.

Silks can be incorporated with fresh flowers especially during the hot months when brides want hydrangeas on their arch or centerpieces. Even after having fun with the silks or permanent botanicals, I still prefer using fresh flowers. I love their form, texture, and scent. Fresh flowers will always be my first love. What about you?


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